Fastbraces® in West Chester PA

If you have been hiding your smile and putting off orthodontic treatment because you are concerned about lengthy, expensive treatment, Dr. Stall, general dentist, has the solution. 

As the first and only Fastbraces® provider in the West Chester, PA area, Dr. Stall is able to treat both adults and teens for their orthodontic braces.

Fastbraces® moves teeth, crowns, and roots at the same time allowing for results in as little as 3 months to about a year. Fastbraces® patients find that their braces are both affordable and effective. With Fastbraces® you can have straight teeth and receive warranty coverage throughout the USA should you decide to travel or relocate.


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Fastbraces® Treatment Example:


       Before Fastbraces®                                        9 months After Fastbraces®


General Orthodontic Information

Misaligned teeth are one of the most common dental problems all over the world. This affects your eating habits, overall lifestyle, and most importantly your confidence. It’s difficult to smile when your teeth is crooked, overcrowded, and widely gapped.

Fortunately, you may resolve it with the most the trusted dental solution in history: braces. This tried and tested orthodontic treatment will effectively straighten teeth and resolve a host of other oral and maxillofacial problems. If you have cross bites, underbites, overbites, and other flaws regarding your teeth’s functioning, braces are definitely for you.

This orthodontic solution uses pressure to straighten your teeth. With the use of wires, brackets, and elastics, it effectively moves each tooth to the desired position. It also uses force to correct any problems with the jaws. It uses spring bands and rubber bands to improve the alignment. In some cases, headgears and other external devices are used to achieve the desired results. Either Dr. Stall, or our staff orthodontist, Dr. Mastaj, will have to decide on the materials and the amount of time needed to complete your treatment.

There are actually different types of braces that address different problems and offer many benefits. The most widely used are traditional metal braces, which are made of titanium. ‘Clear’ braces, on the other hand, have become popular over the years. The wires, brackets, and elastics are the same color as the teeth, so they almost look unnoticeable.  There are other customized solutions that cater to your special needs. These often combine different materials and techniques to efficiently achieve the desired results you.

David Stall Dental offers dental braces to help straighten your teeth. No matter how severe the problem, we have different options available to resolve it. Our West Chester dental practice also offers other orthodontic treatments which are more advanced than braces. If you want to know more about them, call us at (610) 590-4568. We’ll help you correct your malocclusion so you may smile and face the world with courage and confidence.

Fastbraces® Advantages include:

  • Incredibly fast treatment with results in only 3 months to about a year.
  • Less expensive than other orthodontic modalities.
  • Availability of discreet tooth-colored wires and brackets only noticeable close up.
  • In the majority of cases, no tooth extractions are necessary; the correction is made to the 'smiling teeth' rather than the whole bite.

Disadvantages include:

  • Not as discreet as clear aligners, such as ClearCorrect or Invisalign.
  • Fixed braces cannot be removed for meals or teeth cleaning, so a greater level of oral hygiene must be maintained to keep teeth healthy.

Our West Chester practice is eager to help any patients looking for tooth straightening options, and we will be happy to help with any problems you may have with improving your smile.

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